Monday, January 21, 2013


A wind chill advisory (light blue) is in effect from 10 PM tonight through 11 AM Tuesday. Temperatures ranging from single digits to the middle teens with sustained winds at 15-20 MPH (gusts to 35 MPH) will combine to bring the apparent temperature down into the 0°/-10° range tonight and Tuesday. Wind chill values could fall as low as -25° F along our ridge tops! These conditions will quickly lead to frostbite and hypothermia if necessary precautions are not taken. If you venture out, please be sure to cover up! Do not send your kids out without heavy coats. If at all possible, limit your outdoor activities tonight & tomorrow. If your pet is not usually allowed indoors, please make an exception tonight, Tuesday & Tuesday night!! Only the most beastly of animals are capable of weathering this kind of cold! Temperatures will rebound by a few degrees Wednesday. Occasional snow showers are expected Monday afternoon, lasting throughout the week with light accumulations for now. But forecast models are leaning towards some heavy snow accumulations with the next frontal system Friday. More on that over the coming days! Stay warm!!