Friday, January 4, 2013

It was a quiet day on satellite and radar today with just a few passing clouds. Temperatures remain on the cool side with Morgantown checking in at 32° at the top of the hour. Lows dip into the upper teens/low 20s tonight under partly cloudy skies. Breezy conditions are possible tonight, especially along our ridge tops. So it's another cold one tonight! Daytime temperatures will try to reach a few degrees warmer this weekend with highs into the mid/upper 30s. Further south, folks should have no trouble seeing highs into the 40s on Saturday and Sunday. A couple of weather disturbances will cross our area to bring mainly light snow Saturday night followed by mixed precip on Sunday. Very little snow accumulation is expected over the weekend. But the mixed precip will likely result in a few slick spots, especially overnight & early Sunday morning. Lingering mountain snow flurries are likely into early Monday with highs into the mid 30s. Then we'll enjoy a nice bump in temperatures through the rest of next week. Highs will reach into the mid/upper 40s and possibly even low 50s!