Monday, November 22, 2010

Unsettled week of weather on tap...High pressure will exit stage right Monday as a cold front pushes east across the Midwest. Points east of the Ohio River will stay dry & generally sunny Monday.Temperatures should easily hit 70 degrees in the sun! We'll see wind speeds picking up Monday into Tuesday as a steep low pre...ssure system gathers steam & crosses the Ohio Valley. Heaviest rain will hold off until around noon on Tuesday for us here, in WV. Some locally heavy rainfall could occur Tuesday. NWS will likely post flashflood advisories as things unfold later this week. A few strong showers continue into Wednesday and Thanksgiving as temps trend back to more seasonal 50s, 40s & 30s. More wet weather arrives later this week. Bottom falls out of those mild temperatures on Friday! Cold air and snow will make for interesting traveling conditions Friday and Saturday. 20s & 30s next weekend! Will refine weekend forecast later this week! Here's a look at the 5-day rainfall forecast...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Under Pressure

A shallow cold front pushed through the region early Tuesday, causing patchy drizzle across the Mountain State. Otherwise Tuesday was mostly sunny & dry. You might have noticed that dew point values bottomed out recently. Dry conditions, low dew points and the slightest breeze usually increase potential for wildfires. In fact, Gov Manchin recently issued a ban on certain types of fires for the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia (click on for more info). The dry & warm trend will continue Wednesday. We’ll see a sun/cloud mix with temps touching the low and even mid 80s Wednesday. So use caution when burning and as always, think twice before flicking that cigarette butt!

Strong low pressure will cross the Great Lakes and Central Appalachians Thursday afternoon/evening. Expect rain, a few severe thunderstorms and strong winds to develop ahead of the front. Most of my weather models agree that there will be a strong pressure gradient with that front for Thursday. That means breezy conditions across the entire region. Models also agree on the timing and track of that front for Thursday. It’ll be a fast-moving front and much of the heaviest rainfall will occur across northern PA on this one. Here in WV, we can expect around half inch of rain to fall Thursday through early Friday. There’s a good chance for downed trees, power outages and other wind-related damage to occur especially towards eastern parts of our state. Temps Friday will hold in the mid to upper 70s.

High pressure and slightly cooler temperatures are on tap Friday through the weekend. So an interesting last half of the work week will settle down just in time for a dry & sunny weekend. With clear and calm conditions overnight Friday, bet on dense fog on Saturday morning. That souldn't do much to effect those of us en route to Milan Puskar stadium Saturday morning. Once the fog burns off we’ve got sunshine & blue skies on tap for the rest of the weekend. Expect a temperature of 72 at Kickoff against the Terrapins is set for noon!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Walk On The Mild Side

We took a walk on the mild side this week as nighttime temperatures dipped into the low 50s and even into the 40s in some places. A few scattered rain showers did manage to develop but rainfall amounts were minimal. Weather models agree that broad high pressure will make itself comfortable & camp out through the better part of next week. Humidity levels will bottom out; even the gloomiest of us will struggle to find something to complain about.

Clear and calm nights will allow some morning fog to develop over the next few mornings. Otherwise, abundant sunshine will allow daytime temps to quickly rebound from any nighttime cooling over the next few days. Daytime highs will peak in the mid to upper 90s each day. High pressure will maintain a strong foothold on much of the east coast until it breaks down Wednesday night/Thursday. At that point a low pressure trough out of the west will finally overtake the high pressure ridging. We’ll see the return of more cloudy skies and a few scattered showers Thursday.

The forecast may become a bit more complex as Tropical Storm Earl looks like it may decide to take a more westerly approach. This would definitely affect the weekend forecast as we could see substantial moisture from the east with that storm. Will keep an eye on Earl and any other weather that may develop between now and game day (WVU vs. Coastal Carolina, Saturday, September 4). For now, let’s just enjoy the summer we have left…

Shawn Householder recently rode a bicycle across the state of Iowa during the annual RAGBRAI. Here's a photo taken near Storm Lake, IA on the second day of his journey!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feels Like Fall...For Now

Low pressure trough digging in now & giving us all it’s got. The moisture machine that has been churning up much of the east will finally push northeast. A weak cold front will combine with lingering cloud cover and northerly winds to remind us that our fleeting summer is almost gone. But alas, broad high pressure will prevail Thursday, allowin for more sunshine and temps back into the mid to upper 80s till sometime next week.

As we can see, steady cloud cover from the north has been a good temperature moderator. It kept our nighttime temps from dipping below the mid 50s. It also helped to keep daytime temps from reaching above the mid 70s. It will continue to feel like fall outside over the next day or so. Our next weather maker is trekking across the Midwest at the moment. HPC has the cold front arriving around midnight tonight. We can expect temps on the mild side and a few scattered showers until early morning Thursday. Isolated thunderstorms cannot be ruled out either. Rainfall will be minimal. We should pick up less than two-tenths of an inch through the short term.

Conditions will about face by Thursday afternoon. We’ll see a gradual warming trend through the weekend. Look for lots of sunshine and daytime highs in the mid to upper 80s through most of next week.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Touch & Go

West Virginia remains on the southern edge of a band of upper level disturbances over the next several days. Ergo showers and thunderstorms are likely to develop today, continuing through the rest of the week. Models are also beginning to come into agreement on a front that will push southward through the Great Lakes region, prolonging the gloomy outlook and adding to any existing water problems through the weekend.

For today, scattered showers and thunderstorms may produce heavy rainfall. But predicting the timing and location of each short wave disturbance continues to prove difficult. Still, no flood warnings are in place at the moment and drainage should not be a problem today as any storm cells will be tracking quickly across the region. However, the threat of repeat hits from heavy downpours may prove problematic before the end of the week. To be on the safe side, folks will need to keep an eye out for flash flood advisories especially around poor drainage areas as the week unfolds.

Rainfall totals through 8 AM Wednesday
We’ll still see a few peaks of sunshine through the rest of the week. The warm and humid outlook will continue over the next several days as well. So the sunshine will only intensify the pop up thunderstorms which are likely to continue Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Again, the timing and track of any storms are important factors in predicting potential drainage problems. It’s touch and go over the next few days, so be on the lookout for new flood warnings.

Gloomy weather continues through this weekend as another large frontal system will stall over the region this weekend. Drier air behind the front will bring some welcome calm weather next week.

5-Day Rainfall Totals

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bermuda High

Moisture increases with a southwest air flow as a weak cold front begins to move into the area today through tonight. Upper level disturbance will stall over our region on Saturday, although models show relative humidity values allowing for a drier air slot to briefly move into the area early this weekend. High pressure from the east will return to the area Sunday. However, models also indicate a more defined disturbance out of the west will make its way into our back yard Sunday. This will allow lingering moisture for the beginning of next week.

So we’ll see increasing clouds today as the cold front swings into place. Temperatures and possibility of precipitation will depend on the speed of the front. I’m thinking that we’ll see a few scattered thunderstorms and high temperatures today just a hair below 90.

We’ll see some early morning fog/haze Saturday. Moisture for the most part will stay in place Saturday, although POPs will be most likely in southern WV. Here we’re more likely to see cloudy skies, a very isolated shower and otherwise muggy and hot conditions for the rest of the day. Temps overnight will hold in the upper 60s

A similar pattern will unfold Sunday. Only this time moisture will approach from the northwest and rain will be most likely in the northwestern half of the state. Meanwhile broad high pressure will begin building from the east off Bermuda. This should eventually push any lingering moisture to the north, setting the stage for a hot & humid forecast. However since the speed at which the Bermuda high wins out is still in question, chance POPs will continue through the first part of next week.

The Bermuda High

Friday, July 9, 2010

Slip N Slide

Surviving two weeks without rain and a week of record high temperatures has been exhausting! It’s been grueling but we’ve had to resort to various watersports to stay cool. Today we find out if all this waiting around has been worth it. A low pressure cold front will cool things down into the upper 80s today. Thunderstorms will deliver some sorely needed rain to the area today and tonight.

After another foggy/hazy morning, expect increasing clouds and scattered rain showers and thunderstorms through most of today. Some locally heavy downpours are expected. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint when and where the strongest cells will develop, much of the heaviest rainfall will be realized west of I 79. Still, we can expect enough rainfall to create some ponding on roadways. Flash flooding is of little concern. I would watch for slick roadways which is common during summer months when oil builds up from a lack of rain but is washed away during a heavy rain.

We’ll see winds pick up today and tonight as the front passes. Otherwise we can expect the rain to make conditions more comfortable today and tomorrow. Look for temps in the mid 80s today and low to mid 60s overnight. A few leftover rain showers will linger on Saturday morning. High pressure will quickly send much of the moisture off the Atlantic coast leaving a sun/cloud mixand temps in the mid 80s for the remainder of the weekend.

We’ll start the workweek sunny and dry, but more wet weather is on tap for Tuesday and for much of next week.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Thin Brown Line

Well sports fans in case you didn’t know, the hottest days so far this year are here! Daytime mercury is screaming towards the hundred degree mark and still rising. Meanwhile broad upper level high pressure is parked over the region setting the stage for very clear sky conditions over the next couple of days. You might not know it, but that high pressure is blocking a good deal of moisture from the air overhead. This severely limits our chances of rain for the next several days.

So we’ve got hazy and hot conditions on tap for the rest of the work week. Air quality advisories may even pop up. Some folks such as the elderly and asthmatics may find simply breathing difficult. But what’s nice is that the clear conditions will also cool things down enough to allow nighttime temps in the upper 60s and a few relatively cool early mornings. So folks will still be able to accomplish any necessary yard work and other outdoor activities before afternoon temperatures inevitably get out of hand.

By Thursday afternoon, moisture, along with the sun’s heat may produce a few scattered thunderstorms across the state. However weather models seem to agree that the next real chance of rain will be Friday into Saturday as the next front swings into the area. We’re shooting for at least .25 inch of rain to kick off next weekend. Look for sunny and dry conditions in time for Saturday and Sunday. In fact, I’d say that this weekend might be the ideal time to squeeze in a float trip as we will have hopefully picked up some rain, raising water levels enough so that our boats won’t scrape the bottom for half the trip! No matter what your plans are, be sure to bring lots of drinking water with you!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Deliver Us From Humidity

Tropical Storm Alex is expected to make landfall around Corpus Christi, TX in the next three days. Heavy winds and strong surf will create more problems for the Gulf cleanup crew. Meanwhile the next week of weather is shaping up to be…a little too nice if you ask me! Folks across much of the eastern U.S. will have to water their precious gardens by hand through the holiday weekend. And with all the drunken idiots running around with lit fireworks this weekend, fire hazard warnings will begin to pop up across the board.

We’ve also got much cooler temps on tap for the short term. A steep trough of cool Canadian air will deliver us from the humidity. Daytime highs will peak in the mid to upper 70s, while nighttime temps will dip into the low 50s through Friday. Of course, folks out west will feel the upswing as ridging pulls tropical air into most of the western U.S. over the next few days. They’re looking at extremely dry and hot conditions through the holiday weekend.

Things will gradually even out. We’ll see the return of warmer temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s by Independence Day. By then rain will be a distant memory. Try not to shrivel up and wither away before the next rain! And watch where you’re pointing those fireworks!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where's The Hail?

A few popup thunderstorms kept things interesting this week! Intense lightning and strong winds don’t exactly make for a relaxing afternoon. But why should we let the Midwest have all the severe weather while we are left with drizzle and some ponding on roadways? I’m still holding out for a real badass thunderstorm complete with hail. Only then will it truly be summertime.

We’ll pick up more rain showers and a few scattered thunderstorms across the state today as a quick upper level disturbance blasts through the Great Lakes region. Although the main cluster of storms should stay well to our north, we’ll still see some breezy conditions with the pressure gradient, some needed precipitation and a few odd thunderclaps. Look for highs today to reach the mid to upper 80s.

That weather should depart early Friday morning. That will set the stage for another weekend of sunny & calm conditions with temperatures touching the low 90s. With mint conditions on deck for Friday, Saturday and Sunday my job will mostly involve rubbing sunscreen on the backs of pretty ladies for the better part of the weekend! We may see a few isolated showers and storms Sunday afternoon and evening. But hey, by then we’re just sitting around waiting for the workweek to start over again. Speaking of work…Looks like more rain is on tap for Monday of next week, so enjoy the weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2010


High pressure remains in control to kick off this first day of summer. That means a dry forecast with plenty of sunshine and temps in the upper 80s and low 90s. Nights will stay mild and calm with temps in the 60s. We’ll begin to see more of a sun/cloud mix sometime on Tuesday. We may see a few popup thundershowers Tuesday and Wednesday. But the next real chance of rain will come Thursday into Friday. An upper level disturbance will swing down from somewhere over the Great Lakes, stall briefly over our region before departing early Friday. This will allow broad high pressure to move in and clear out any remaining moisture, leaving a clear and calm weekend forecast. More details Later!

Today is summer solstice, longest day of the year (not just because it's Monday).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

High & Dry

Although we’ve managed to escape much of the hazardous weather here in north central WV, it’s been a busy week for some. Many communities in the southern part of the state have had to contend with heavy rain, hail, downed trees, flooding and lots of lightning. Things will begin to get back to normal as folks across the mountain state begin clean up today. We still may pick up a few showers today as a cold front passes from our west. There’s also the slight risk of thunderstorms developing across north central West Virginia today. So although that risk remains low, be on guard for an isolated storm and periods of heavy rain and strong winds through tonight. Temperatures will still touch the mid 80s today. Cold fronts during this time of year don’t always mean cooler temperatures for us. Look for clearing skies with temps in the low 60s overnight, into Thursday morning.

High pressure will begin to take hold early Thursday. And although we may see some patchy morning fog, Thursday will turn out to be sunny and dry with temps in the low 80s. Thursday night looks clear and calm with lows in the mid 50s. In fact, we’ve got a few clear and calm nights on deck. We’ll see overnight lows in the upper 50s and low 60s though this weekend.

The high pressure that I mentioned is on deck for Thursday will stick around for Friday and will make for a nice Father’s Day weekend. So the forecast is high and dry! Relative humidity levels will drop, so the air will feel more comfortable than it has over the past week. Friday will be sunny with highs in the upper 80s. Saturday will be mostly sunny with highs in the 90s! But all that sunshine could heat things up just enough to squeeze out an isolated thunderstorm late Saturday. Make plans anyway! Even if there IS enough moisture in the air for a storm this weekend, we’ll have more than enough sunshine to get out and enjoy the weekend. A sun & cloud mix with highs in the mid 80s and lows in the mid 60s is on tap Sunday through Tuesday… If you’re looking for Father’s Day gift ideas, go out and buy dad a hammock this year. Set it up in the yard for him. Then give him a drink and watch him fall asleep and get a sunburn! He'll thank you for it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Smooth Sailin'

High pressure has already swept a good deal of moisture from that disturbance yesterday off to the northeast. Winds calmed down and dense fog was able to settle in around most low-lying waterways and hollows. We will likely have another foggy morning Friday. Otherwise it’s smooth sailing over the next few days. Although things stay hot and humid, we’ve got a mainly dry forecast on tap through the first half of this weekend.

Abundant sunshine and a southwest air flow will help temperatures statewide will reach the low to mid 80s today. Expect another cool, clear and calm night tonight. But get ready to enjoy a few warmer days…AND warmer nights. We’re shooting for upper 80s/low 90s across the mountain state Friday. We’ll see a few clouds from our west on Friday, but again things stay dry until a few upper level disturbances pass late Saturday.

Saturday will begin dry and calm. Lots of sunshine will allow convective building Saturday afternoon. With that low pressure mass on track for Saturday, we’ll pick up a few rain showers and an isolated thunderstorm Saturday evening. Then expect mostly cloudy skies and muggy conditions Sunday through the first part of next week. The air will stay saturated. We’ll subsequently see chance rain showers and a few isolated thunderstorms from Sunday through the better part of next week. Plenty of cloud cover should keep daytime temps reasonable. However the nights will feel uncomfortable as clouds prevent enough heat from escaping to thwart the chance for cool air to replace the heat from the day. With solstice just around the corner, expect longer days and more warm nights!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wheel In The Sky

We’ve got plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures on tap for Tuesday. Warm front moves through the region today. Otherwise, there’s not much to talk about for north central West Virginia. Attention will turn to a strong low pressure system with lots of moisture energizing in the Midwest. This system, on a fast track to your back yard will bring heavy downpours and thunderstorms late tonight and Wednesday. We could potentially see some flash flooding problems developing with that storm which will contain several waves of heavy downpours. Luckily that system will roll quickly across the region. So hopefully less rainfall will be realized depending on the speed of the actual front. Nonetheless look for breezy conditions and periods of rain to last for much of the day Wednesday.

High pressure will move in overnight and push that messy low pressure system northeastward towards the Atlantic coast. With winds becoming quite calm overnight Wednesday/Thursday, we may have a foggy start to our Thursday. An early morning June sunrise will burn any lingering moisture off leaving another calm and sunny day on Thursday.

Temperatures will gradually begin to tip the scales again. We’ll see abundant sunshine and low 80s Thursday. A few clouds roll in Friday. Temps reach the mid 80s. We’ll see a few peaks of sunshine and temps in the upper 80s Saturday. Plan on a few isolated showers and thunderstorms this weekend.

Lots of hot air

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hazy Hot & Humid

Hazy, hot and humid conditions continue today. Highs will reach the upper 80s with dew points maintaining the mid to upper 60s. Relative humidity values will also continue to reach the high end of the spectrum. So things will stay muggy. Upper level disturbances will bring a few showers and thunderstorms to our area over the weekend. Things will gradually dry out on Monday and some cooler air will begin to settle in as we get back to work on Monday.

Not much on the radar this morning. We could see a few isolated thunderstorms today although most of the convective potential will stay further south, around Huntington & Charleston through this evening. The possibility of precipitation will increase early Saturday morning as the next wave of upper air disturbances passes over the Great Lakes this weekend. It is difficult to pinpoint the timing and location of each disturbance. Some weather models tend to push the front further south. So depending on the exact track of the front, central and southern counties could see few (or no rain) showers.

The main front will begin to move northeast on Saturday. But we’ll still see abundant moisture from that system on Saturday night and Sunday. Again, rain showers and a few thunderstorms will initially be confined to the northernmost counties until perhaps mid-morning when showers will break out across the northern half of the state. Subsequently, heavier rainfall totals will be measured in the northern counties. While less and less rainfall will be realized in the southernmost counties this weekend.

Temperatures this weekend will continue to reach the mid to upper 80s. As low pressure unfurls across the Great Lakes and the eastern U.S. this weekend another brief wave of moisture is ushered in for Monday afternoon and evening. High pressure and slightly cooler air will build into the area briefly on Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A few leftover rain showers continue today. Weak high pressure will move in and gradually turn off the waterworks by evening. Temps today will reach the lower 80s. We’ll stay dry overnight with temps reaching the low 60s and upper 50s. A calm overnight with not much in the way of cloud cover will allow fog to creep into the valleys and around waterways tomorrow morning. Once that burns off, Wednesday looks mostly sunny and dry with temps again reaching the low to mid 80s. Low pressure cold front will swing down from the Great Lakes early Thursday morning. Ahead of the front, a line of rain showers and thunderstorms arrive Wednesday night/Thursday. Rainy Thursday with temps in the low 80s. Depending on the speed of the front, flash-flooding may become a concern especially in the mountain counties where creeks and drainage systems have already drawn some attention. Friday remains dry for now, with temps in the upper 70/low 80s. A generally rainy weekend is in the cards. Check for updates later this week. I’ll try to dry things out. Enjoy the short work week!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday

Moisture has been slow to depart this week. A few passing upper level disturbances have kept a soggy outlook for some folks across our state so far. Dense morning fog has been steadily lurking in the hollows and ridge tops alike. But the heat from the day burned off those low lying clouds by mid morning. We’ve seen lots of sunshine despite the abundance of moisture in the upper atmosphere. This persistent lingering moisture along with the relentless heat from the day has allowed a few pop up thundershowers along the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. The rest of the state has managed to stay relatively dry so far this week. This theme will continue through the rest of this week.

Temperatures will continue to reach the mid to upper 80s Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll wake up to foggy mornings, then partly cloudy skies and a few afternoon thunderstorms as the day progresses. A cold front will swing down from the Great Lakes Friday. We’ll see slightly cooler temperatures (mid 70s) during the day Friday along with an increased chance of rain showers and thunderstorms. High pressure will move in to the area and clear out much of this persistent moisture in time for another nice weekend. We’re looking at a dry weekend forecast with temps in the 70s and low 80s through Monday. This will be a nice weekend to cookout and have fun in the sun on Cheat Lake or Arden or even Blue Hole. So enjoy and have a safe holiday weekend. Rain showers return to the forecast on Monday night/Tuesday.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Touch Of Grey

Folks across the mountain state got a well deserved break from grey skies and wet weather Thursday. Conditions stay warm in the upper 70s today under a mostly sunny sky. We’ll see increasing clouds this afternoon as a deep upper level disturbance meanders across the Ohio valley. Rain showers and a few thunderstorms will develop tonight, continuing through Saturday. As with any system, the timing of the front will become vital in determining just how much rainfall will be realized this weekend. The generally slow track of the trough means that showers will be slow to move eastward. As a result, all points west will pick up more rain sooner than the eastern portions of our state. Here, we can expect to see less than half an inch of rain to fall late tonight/Saturday. Abundant cloud cover should keeps temperatures in check on Saturday. This will also suppress the development of instability in the upper atmosphere. So any thunderstorms would be very isolated this weekend. High pressure will gradually muscle any lingering moisture further east on Sunday. So look forward to abundant sunshine as much warmer temperatures next week!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Ol' Ultraviolet

Had some flooding reported in southern parts of the state already this week. We also saw a dry period today along with a few peaks of sunshine. However, a low pressure front brought showers this evening and will remain nearly stationary through Wednesday morning. Periods of rain, heavy at times, will continue tonight through Wednesday. Accumulation totals will be around .25 inches. Things improve hopefully before sundown Wednesday night. High pressure will move in from the northwest early Thursday. This will allow us a chance to enjoy a little of the ol ultraviolet. Temperatures will reach the mid to upper 70s. So make Thursday count! More rain showers arrive from our west before noon on Friday. Rain showers and perhaps and an odd thunderstorm between a few rays of sunshine Saturday and Sunday. Watch for breezy ridgetops as that front moves through this weekend. Sunshine returns Monday.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

After Midnight

It was indeed perfect for sleeping outside (away from any solid white lines). Having enjoyed a weekend of calm weather we’ll once again be exposed to depressing grey skies, soggy shoes and unsettled weather for the next several days. A respectable low pressure disturbance is currently moving northeastward from Kentucky delivering a line of heavy rain showers and thunderstorms to much of the southeastern U.S. this afternoon. We can expect those same rain showers to move across most of West Virginia this evening through tonight. However, the chances of any leftover thunderstorms are almost none. Also, based on observations and model analysis areas north of RT 50 will be sparred any measureable rainfall until around midnight. After midnight, the entire forecast area will observe substantial rainfall amounts through Monday. Folks near poorly drained areas will want to pay attention for any potential flash flood warnings through the rest of today, tonight and tomorrow.

New rainfall through 8 PM Monday

As much as 2.25 inches of new rainfall is expected to fall in the northern mountains through 8 PM Monday. Here, we could receive 1-1.5 inches through Monday. Although more rain is on tap for Tuesday & Wednesday, precipitation will be light. Even so, this additional rainfall could become problematic for those flood prone areas. We’ll finally start to get a break from the wet stuff late Wednesday/Thursday. However, another low pressure system is on track for next weekend. Will definitely monitor that system for next weekend and report as each new weather model provides more and more confidence in next weekend’s weather.

10 day GFS, 8 PM next Saturday, May 22. More rain on tap from our SW. More later...

Mild temperatures will continue through Wednesday. We’re looking at daytime temps reaching the low to mid 60s. Nights will cool down to the low 50s for the entire week. Warmer air will arrive Thursday, raising the mercury into the mid to upper 70s.

Mild temps through Wednesday. Not too hot, not too cold.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sleep Outside

Winds of out the southwest delivered plenty of warm, moist air to the mountain state this week. Admittedly, things got hot and steamy here. However a cold front will sweep across the eastern U.S. today, trending temps towards more mild numbers. We’ll likely see a few isolated thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight. Other states should be so lucky! Widespread tornadoes, flash-flooding, gushing oil wells and illegal immigrants have plagued other parts of the country. Here in coal country, skies stay mostly cloudy today with temps reaching the upper 70s. High pressure will creep into the area drying things out just in time for the weekend. We’ll notice dew points and relative humidity bottom out as skies remain relatively clear and temps stay mild in the low to mid 70s. Saturday and Sunday nights will be perfect for sleeping outside; dry with temps in the 40s and 50s. Low pressure will bring some unsettled weather next week, so go outside and get some sun on your shoulders this weekend!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Appalachian Sunshine

Steady southerly air flow from the Gulf has enabled widespread above normal temperatures for the eastern U.S. Folks in the mountain state made sure to enjoy their share of the Appalachian sunshine. Meanwhile in the Midwest, a strong cold front tracked eastward through IL, MI & OH today. A few thunderstorms produced heavy rain and strong winds mainly around the Great Lakes. The Strom Prediction Center has issued a hazardous weather outlook for our area through tonight. There's a slight chance that the storm could produce heavy rain and damaging winds with 30+ mph gusts through Saturday morning.

Naturally, look for increasing clouds this evening as wind speeds gradually pick up through tonight. As mentioned above, we could get clipped with a few rain showers/isolated thunderstorms tonight. Temps hold steady in the mid 50s tonight. Rest easy, high pressure will swoop in and muscle any lingering moisture off the Atlantic coast by midday Saturday. Expect strong winds to continue during this period as things struggle to settle down in the upper atmosphere. Conditions perk up pretty nicely for the remainder of the weekend. We will however notice temps turning towards the cooler side once again.

(Purple mass represents dry air bulldozing the wet stuff off the grid & onto the coast)

Temperatures Sunday night may turn cold enough to warrant a frost advisory, however I’m thinking that most places will see temps hold just above freezing until Monday morning. We’ll see daytime temps in the mid 60s for the first part of next week. Chance of rain returns with a warm front late Tuesday night/Wednesday. Air flow turns SW again bringing warmer air by midweek.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Don't Need No Stinking Whikskey!

It's time to brek out the tequila and six shooters and celebrate another cinco de Mayo! We’ll keep abundant sunshine for the rest of our Wednesday. Temps in the lower 80s and calm weather are the rule today. We’ll be clipped by a short lived upper level disturbance early on Thursday. We could see a very isolated rain shower and/or some thunder early on Thursday. However, we should begin to see clearing skies and temps in the mid 70s once again for the better part of Thursday. Sunny skies and calm weather returns for our Friday, but a cold front will be setting in for late Friday night/Saturday. Expect rain showers and a few thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday. Also temperatures will really be kept in check this weekend. Look for daytime highs to maybe reach the lower 60s through Monday. Although nighttime temps will definitely keep us honest, we should not have to talk about frost this weekend. Nigh time temps will hang in the mid to upper 30s this weekend. The silver lining in those clouds arriving this weekend would be the speed with which they leave us. Also, we will not have to contend with lots of rainfall. We’ll see a mere .25 to .5 inch of new rain through this weekend.

Try not to get into too much troubles okay...

Friday, April 30, 2010

Precipitation Situation

Winds out of the southwest bring a speedy transition from the freezing temps from earlier this week. With high pressure dominating our short term we’ll see clear and calm, summer-like conditions through the better part of Saturday. Don’t be surprised to see the mercury rise into the 90s in some of the warmer sectors of our state! Even our nights, which have been unseasonably cool as of late see temps holding in the lower 60s through the weekend. A strong low pressure cold front from our southwest will creep slowly into the area late Saturday. Strong winds, heavy rain & thunderstorms will be associated with that weather system on tap this weekend. Flood warnings and tornado advisories will also be popping up across our nation’s Midwest as lots of energy will be available due to the steady warm, moist southwest flow from the Gulf. Expect 1.5 to 2 inches of rain to fall over our forecast area from 8 pm Saturday through Sunday night. In north central WV, the heaviest rainfall will not be observed until Sunday afternoon and evening. To our south & west, in KY, TN, MS, IN & LA new rainfall will become problematic. Those folks will see no less than 4.5 inches of fresh rain in their neighborhoods! Rain showers will linger through Monday with little chance of thunder for the beginning of our work week. Even so, we could still see an additional inch or more through Monday. Temperatures will begin to cool down and skies will gradually clear by Tuesday. Stay tuned for weather updates as this weekend’s weather unfolds!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank The Morning Sun

After a chilly start to our Wednesday we can now expect lots of sunshine and dry conditions through the short term. Very few clouds will do little to insulate the lower levels of our atmosphere and with relatively calm conditions expected through the overnight we can expect temperatures to fall into the lower 30s once again. Expect patchy frost and another chilly morning on Thursday. Otherwise we’ve got lots of sunshine and much warmer temps in store for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Despite the fact that Gov. Manchin has lifted the fire ban, we should all exercise caution while burning through the rest of April. Low relative humidity and low dew points across the state equal moderate fire hazard. On the other hand, rain showers and potentially strong thunderstorms are expected to arrive from our southwest late Saturday. Heavy rain could be associated with that weather system. Will discuss Saturday/Sunday’s weather in more detail later. Although the heaviest rainfall will be realized to our southwest, we’ll need to keep an eye on the sky Saturday afternoon & evening so as to avoid a situation.

5 Day rainfall totals...Looks like the heaviest rain will fall to our SW. We could see a mere inch Saturday night with more Sunday & Monday.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If You Want To Destroy My Sweater...Don't. I Might Wear it!

Rain showers will be ending today. But a cold front keeps things on the cool side until warmer air moves in on Thursday. The National Weather Service has issued freeze watches & frost advisories across much of our state for tonight until 9 AM Wednesday. Look for temps to stay in the upper 50s today & low 30s tonight. We’re looking at the definite possibility of a hard freeze in outlying areas and higher elevations overnight. High pressure will move into the area Wednesday. So look for the return of lots of sunshine and clear skies for the remainder of this week. Expect minimal cloud cover to keep temps in the low 30s Wednesday night as well. Warmer air arrives Thursday, so look for sunny skies and a high around 68 Thursday. Friday will be our best day this week. In addition to it being Friday (which is always nice), we’ll see sunny skies and temps touching the lower 80s! Soak it up, because we will likely see rain and a few thunderstorms return to the mountain state Saturday night and Sunday. More later!

Early Wednesday morning. The purple areas indicate low humidity which means fewer clouds to you and me

Also early Wednesday at 850 mb. Cool air keeps us honest.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Weak upper level low pressure system passed over north central West Virginia last night. However with very little moisture to work with, the system passed before it could produce any measurable rainfall. Sunny skies and warm temps take over today. A weak cold front will sweep through the area Thursday keeping nighttime temps in the mid 30s. However, high pressure and sunny skies will continue to dominate the short term. So conditions remain calm and dry with no significant weather to speak of until early Saturday morning. Daytime temps will reach the mid to upper 60s over the next several days. Even so, folks will want to finish any outdoor projects before sundown Friday as we have a wet weekend on tap. Low pressure from the west will bring lots of moisture and dense cloud cover by Saturday morning. Expect a few rain showers during the day and the slight chance of a thunderstorm Saturday evening. Rain showers and the odd thunderstorm will continue Sunday and Monday as well. High pressure will clear out any lingering moisture by Tuesday of next week.

My kind of outdoor project

Friday, April 16, 2010

Burn One Down

A respectable line of showers will move through the area this evening. Low pressure will move across the Great Lakes Friday night delivering the only rain we will see for the next few days. Wind speeds are already beginning to increase and gusts are reaching well above 20 mph as air pressure in the upper atmosphere tries to equalize. There’s a slight chance of severe thunderstorms and damaging winds as the front passes overnight. However, this system does not seem to have enough juice to add up to an impressive storm. All the same, watch for potentially damaging winds especially on ridge tops across the northern mountains. Dew points and relative humidity have already risen well into the 40s. This can aid in the prevention of wildfires across our state. However, with the windy conditions that threat still exists. Gov Manchin has issued a ban on all outdoor burning until further notice. The quarter to half inch of rain slated to arrive late Friday should provide some temporary relief.

Behind the front we can expect cooler air through the rest of the weekend and the first part of next week. Morgantown can expect a low in the mid 40s Friday night and lows in the upper 30s through the first part of next week. Although our skies will begin to clear by midday Saturday, daytime temps will struggle to reach the upper 50s until the middle of next week. Also, look for freezing temps in the higher elevations over the next few nights. Things will gradually warm up by Wednesday. So look for more sunshine and for temps to finally reach the 60s by the end of next week.

It appears as though much of the eastern U.S. is in for a dry April. The rain I mentioned earlier will be all the precipitation we’ll see for the next week or so. The air’s relative humidity will bottom out quickly behind the front arriving late Friday. So don’t expect to see the outdoor burning ban lifted anytime soon.

Impressive ash cloud from Iceland's volcano, Eyjafjallajokull which erupted Wednesday. The cloud which has disrupted 1,000s of flights worldwide is problematic because it could disrupt global weather, can cause respiratory problems and is unpredicatble.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Stargazer

West Virginia will keep a dry forecast through the overnight & weekend. It looks like for the next week or so we may only see a few measly drops of new rainfall. Across the state tonight, we’ll quickly return to a trend of tranquil weather likened to the latest weekly high pressure regime. Weak low pressure may bring patchy clouds and a brief rain shower Sunday night/Monday morning. Otherwise, things stay very dry next week until another wooly rain cloud threatens our weekend. Confidence in these for now, imaginary rain systems is very low. Will discuss rain potential later.

The temperature is a different tune entirely. To illustrate our temperatures over the weekend and through next week we should all get really drunk, spin around in a chair 10xs and toss our share of darts from across the room at a dartboard. Tonight we’ll see temps creep back to the low 30s. Higher elevations could see hard freeze below 30. A frost warning has been posted for much of the state. Saturday temps will struggle to reach the mid 60s. On Sunday many stations across the state will record a 30-40 degree range in temperatures from sunrise to sunset. We’ll again begin the day in the low 30s, but will easily reach the low 70s before dusk. Folks that care will need to keep an eye out for frost & take necessary preventative measures to protect vegetation already in bloom over the coming weeks.

Warm air returns to the mountain state by Sunday. The dark blue & purple represents cooler air, which as you can see will be pushed north allowing warmer tropical air in.

New moon occurs next Wednesday. The high pressure trend will keep our skies relatively clear. Less moonlight along with fewer clouds, a jacket and maybe a few of those beers and you could do some serious stargazing on a few nights next week…I’m just sayin.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Burnin' Down The House

We saw a few rain showers and the occasional lightning bolt Monday. Even though we started this week moist and rainy, things have dried out drastically. The air’s moisture content measured 16 % at last glance. As more dry weather and low relative humidity returns to the mountain state, breezy conditions literally fuel the fire. Things have also become downright uncomfortable for many of us who are reluctant to install/turn on air conditioning this early in the year.

West Virginia remains lodged between a broad high pressure area to our east and strong low pressure in the Midwest. So the warm and breezy trend will continue through Wednesday. Look for temps in the mid to upper 80s Wednesday, with wind gusting to around 20 mph as the high pressure continues to clash with the low moving eastward.

Nights will also remain clear with temps in the low 60s tonight and Wednesday night. Not until Thursday afternoon will a cold front bring some much needed rain showers/thunderstorms and more reasonable temps to our area. So we’ll start Thursday dry with increasing clouds as the day progresses. Rain showers and cooler temps (50s & 60s) will carry over to Friday morning.

Things will gradually rebound to make for a decent weekend of weather. However, we’ll see temps Friday night/Saturday morning just above freezing. Folks in higher elevations could wake up to frost on the ground early Saturday. High pressure will then build into the area providing sunny skies, a dry forecast and warmer temps for teh first part of next week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't Be That Guy

We showcased absolutely stellar weather the past several days. That trend continues through most of next week as well. Low relative humidities, sunny skies and temps way above average can be problematic for this time of year. The threat of fire should be seriously considered until more moisture moves in towards the end of next week. In the meantime, don’t be that guy/girl that starts a wild fire with a cigarette butt. If you’re in the woods, make sure your campfires are never left unattended. Also, try not to burn your neighbor’s house down with your trash fire.

Weak low pressure will move in from the west on Sunday. However, any moisture will for the most part be dissipated by the broad high pressure ridging that has dominated much of the eastern United States. We may simply see a few clouds roll through on Easter Sunday. Steady daytime temps in the upper 70s and low 80s will continue till Thursday of next week. The next real chance of rain will be Wednesday night/Thursday of next week. Still not too impressed with that system either. Confidence will increase with each day between now and then. So stay tuned. Otherwise, we’ll continue to see gorgeous weather for the foreseeable future.

Nights will also remain clear and pleasant with temps in the low 50s. In addition, over the next several days our full moon will continue to be trimmed down until new moon arrives on April, 14. With nights remaining steadily clearer, we may see near perfect conditions for stargazing. So have a great holiday, enjoy the weather, and remember; only YOU can prevent forest fires!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Boomerang

Weak high pressure built into the area Friday, giving us a pleasant end to a flippy floppy week of weather. Despite the fact that temps were a bit on the cool side, it was not a bad way to end the last Saturday in March. However, strong low pressure has since moved into the area from the Ohio Valley, providing yet another soggy Sunday. Widespread and numerous showers will continue through early Monday morning. New rainfall amounts should be held in check under .25 inches and we should even see a lull in the action for a few hours early Monday morning.

The brief pause in precipitation will last long enough to give the dog a well-deserved bathroom break before rain showers return sometime Monday. Wrap around moisture will stall over north central West Virginia, and rain showers will gradually diminish by Tuesday evening. The low pressure system will quickly exit to the northeast, but expect a few lingering clouds and temperatures on the cool side until Wednesday. Nighttime temps will continue to check in just a few degrees above freezing for the next few nights.

Once we endure the cool/moist Monday & Tuesday, the rest of next week will really boomerang! Look for deep ridging to provide massive high pressure over the entire eastern half of the U.S. Temps will reach the mid to upper 60s Wednesday. Nighttime temps will even out in the low to mid 40s. Skies will be for the most part cloudless and temps will soar into the 70s and 80s by next weekend!! So we'll end March on a cool/moist note; we start April with wonderful weather! Attention will turn to fire hazards by Saturday. Take every precaution if you plan to build an outdoor fire, especially by next weekend. Precip from our west will arrive next Sunday/Monday to douse any leftover couch fires. Till then, happy trails!!

The bull that resides atop Dorsey's Knob, Morgantown, WV. Courtesy of Contact BOPARC at (304) 296-8356 for more info.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

People Get Rained On

We’re in for a cool, damp night tonight. Breezy ridge tops and a few light snow showers are possible in higher elevations. Otherwise, skies will clear overnight tonight as the current low pressure system leaves the area before dawn. High pressure will build in from the southwest as we get set to start our hump day. Any lingering moisture will be swept away leaving Wednesday dry and sunny with highs in the lower 60s. However, with only a few clouds to provide insulation, a good deal of heat will be lost into the atmosphere after sundown tomorrow night. So look for temps to hover just above freezing Wednesday night.
High pressure will stick around allowing temps to quickly recover by mid morning, Thursday. So we’ll see a few peaks of sunshine and highs in the low 60s before another low pressure system provides some upper level instability late Thursday night. Look for increased clouds and a few rain showers late Thursday night/Friday. Warm front associated with this system will keep snow out of the forecast for Thursday. However, a wave of cold air will sweep into the area Friday. Most of the precipitation could fall during the day, so sunshine minimizes the chance of snow. In fact it’s not worth mentioning, so I won’t mention snow! Precipitation will likely be in the form of rain. Still, below freezing temps are in store for Friday night.
Although the nights will remain cool, Saturday is shaping up to worth it. A big ol’glob of high pressure will move across the Great Lakes & camp out over the northeast givin’ us mostly sunny skies and temps reaching 60. A few clouds will roll in by Sunday. Chance of rain returns Sunday night/Monday next week. Enjoy the rest of the week & stay dry. Full moon arrives this weekend,then next week we'll put this month to bed. April, here we come!!