Thursday, February 7, 2013

After a chilly start we'll see temperatures in the mid/upper 30s...40s in the southern counties. Persistent clouds but dry today. Moisture returns tonight ahead of that big snowstorm with crosshairs set on Boston, MA. We'll luck out with this one, folks. Heaviest snowfall will stay north of the Mason-Dixon Line. It's just some mixed precip for most of us with rain and trace amounts of ice and sleet tonight. Lows will be in the low/mid 30s. Still, could see a few slick spots on Friday morning. We'll see accumulating snow in the mountains. Flurries will linger in those mtns throughout the day on Friday. Mixed precip will change to rain for us lowlanders Friday. Will talk more about snow totals in the mtns later today...Breezy and colder Friday night an  Saturday. Warmer with highs in the low 50s Sunday!